Our mission is to improve awareness among policymakers and the public about HIV/AIDS as a continuing public health priority within our state and the United States as a whole. Our goal is to preserve, expand and strengthen the safety net of HIV prevention, care, treatment and support that addresses the needs of our fellow citizens at risk for or living with HIV and AIDS.

We work in cooperation with the Tennessee Department of Health’s HIV/AIDS/STD Services Section to ensure a coordinated, compassionate and cost-effective response to HIV/AIDS in our communities. TAAN is facilitated and supported by Nashville CARES, Tennessee’s leading community-based HIV/AIDS service organization. CARES serves as fiscal agent for the network. TAAN members may be individuals, non-profit organizations, civic associations, and government or business entities who agree with the mission of TAAN and agree to share contact information for the purposes of communication and mobilization. The TAAN list is kept confidential and never shared with any other group or organization.

Participation in TAAN is no indication of an individual’s HIV status, whether positive or negative. HIV/AIDS affects all of us, and everyone is welcome to participate in our work.